Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines

Landing Page and Site Quality GuidelinesAs part of Google commitment to making AdWords as effective an advertising program as possible, have outlined some site design guidelines to better serve the Google users, advertisers, and publishers, have found that when advertisers’ sites reflect the guidelines, two important things happen:

  1. The money that spend on AdWords ads is more likely to result in paying customers.
  2. Users develop a trust in the positive experience provided after clicking on AdWords ads (and this turns into additional targeted leads for).

Furthermore, following Google site guidelines will help improve your landing page quality score. As a component of your keywords’ overall Quality Scores, a high landing page quality score can affect AdWords account in three ways:

  1. Decrease keywords’ cost-per-clicks (CPCs)
  2. Increase keyword-targeted ads’ position on the Content Network
  3. Improve the chances that ads will win a position on targeted placements

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